According to Nielsen NRG’s American Moviegoing report, Hispanics are the most avid moviegoers in America today – representing 17% of the moviegoing population but accounting for 25% of total movie tickets sold.

HBO Latino was recently the first TV network to take advantage of this growing trend by using cinema advertising to reach this specific and highly-engaged audience.

An Engligh-language cinema campaign to promote their two-part special TV event – Santana: De Corazon and Santana-Corazon: Live From Mexico, Live It To Believe It – was tailored specifically to NCM’s Hispanic Network of movie theaters in areas with large Hispanic populations including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and San Antonio. The 60-second spot ran both in NCM’s FirstLook and on the Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN).

If you’re a Carlos Santana fan and an HBO subscriber, you can watch the specials via HBO GO here.



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