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In Hollywood, perception often trumps reality. But even though we offer the best of the big screen, NCM lives on Madison Avenue, where we recently introduced the new realities of cinema advertising to our Bigger Picture upfront event audience…

Perception: Cinema advertising is too expensive.
Reality: NCM is now priced to be competitive with primetime and live event CPMs, and can now replace TV GRPs on a one-for-one basis.

Perception: You need to have special “cinema-worthy” creative for the big screen.
Reality: While cinematic creative can be spectacular, the reality is that 97% of all ad creative that runs in NCM’s FirstLook is the same creative that runs on TV. The big difference is that it performs dramatically better on the big screen – according to Nielsen Brand Effect, ads shown on a movie screen receive 55% higher message recall and likeability than those same ads shown on TV.

Perception: Cinema is not measured or guaranteed by Nielsen.
Reality: NCM is fully measured by Nielsen, and just like TV, NCM will now be offering Nielsen Post Buy Analysis and demo guarantees to upfront advertisers.

Perception: Cinema advertising is too broad and untargeted.
Reality: That has been the reality, but it is about to change… NCM is introducing the cinema industry’s first Cinema Audience Targeting Optimizer (CATO) system, expected to launch in 2015. Initially offered as a test to a limited number of select upfront partners, CATO will give brands the ability to create more effective media plans based on film genres that will maximize consumer targetability and minimize waste.

Perception: Content is king.
Reality: OK, this is the one instance where perception is indeed reality — there is no better entertainment content than the movies! Audiences have spoken, going to the movies in record numbers for the last two years and continuing to shatter records so far this year. Experts are calling the 2014-2015 movie season the perfect storm, with a long list of potential blockbusters coming to a theater near you.


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