Twitter and FirstLook onscreenBrands looking to tap into a highly engaged social audience don’t need to look any further than the local movie theater.

NCM partner Twitter just released the results of a new survey highlighting the fact that not only are Twitter users more frequent moviegoers, but they are also more likely to catch a movie when it first opens when compared to the general public.

As revealed in Twitter’s Advertising Blog, Twitter and Nielsen recently conducted an exit poll of U.S. moviegoers age 13 and over who had just seen one of four big summer films on opening weekend and discovered that, compared to non-users, Twitter users are real film buffs!

Audiences use Twitter to track movie buzz – long before films are released:

  • 62% of moviegoers go online or use mobile apps to find out about upcoming films.
  • When asked how they’d heard about the last movie they’d seen, 25% said they’d seen an ad, promo or Tweet about it. (Among the Twitter users in the group, this number was significantly higher at 42%.)
  • Nearly a third (30%) of Twitter users like to catch movie information a few months before movies appear in theaters, and another 20% seek the scoop a month or so before opening day.
  • 65% of Twitter users follow a film-related account.

Tweets mobilize moviegoers:

  • 87% of Twitter users said what they saw on Twitter influenced their most recent movie choice.
  • When asked how they’d reacted to seeing a Tweet about the movie they’d just seen, most Twitter users (88%) said they took action. Many (44%) proceeded to watch the trailer, and more than a third (41%) tweeted or retweeted something about the movie.
  • Twitter users say the top three categories of movie related content they’d like to see more of are special previews and trailers (32%), Tweets from the movie’s cast (31%) and behind the scenes videos and pictures (27%).

Twitter users like to have their say. Upon exiting the theater, most Twitter users (58%) said they planned to share their thoughts about the movie online. Another 14% of them had already done so. Of those who intended to give their two cents, more than half (56%) planned to do it via Twitter. Their words carry weight: A large proportion (47%) of Twitter users say that they are most influenced by movie recommendations from family or friends on Twitter.”

— Jennifer Prince, Twitter’s Industry Director, Entertainment

Through NCM’s relationship with Twitter, advertisers have opportunity to become a part of these influential movie conversations and engage audiences not only before and after the theater experience, but right there on the big screen in NCM’s FirstLook.


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