The next time you head out to the movies, make sure you download Shazam before you go! Beginning in over 1,500 theaters today, moviegoers will be able to interact and engage with portions the FirstLook pre-show content with their mobile phones before the trailers and feature film begin.

To help spread the word to moviegoers that they can now Shazam during FirstLook, NCM and E!’s Maria Menounos, along with her AfterBuzz TV network, have produced a new series of spots premiering today that encourage audiences to download the Shazam app and tap to discover music, extended content and exclusive offers whenever they see Shazam on the big screen.

We’re also giving fans the chance to win “Movies for Life” by Shazaming the special spot running in FirstLook through December 5. For each sweepstakes entry, Shazam and NCM will make a donation to the Young Storytellers Foundation, which develops literacy through the art of storytelling.

But that’s not all…FirstLook also features several other cool Shazamable opportunities from top brands this month.

Music fans can Shazam spots in FirstLook from AEG Live promoting upcoming concert tours for Taylor Swift, Kenney Chesney and John Mellencamp throughout November to be taken to a mobile-optimized page where they can buy concert tickets, purchase music and learn more about the artist.

And the holidays are getting a little weirder this year with RadioShack’s new holiday campaign featuring none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic! Shazam the spot in the theater to check out an exclusive extended version “Toyland” and receive a mobile coupon from RadioShack with discount offers to help you “Gift Smart” this season.

For more information about Shazam at the Movies, click here.


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