Horizon Media knew what day it was when they decided to go big on the big screen with Geico’s Caleb the Camel in NCM’s FirstLook, and in honor of Hump Day, we’re proud to congratulate them on winning Adweek‘s 2014 Media Plan of the Year in the Best Use of Branded Content/Entertainment Spending More Than $10 Million category!

“It’s movie day! Woot-woot! Yeah! Give it up! Movies!”

As per the Adweek feature:

Horizon, working with Geico’s creative shop The Martin Agency, put Caleb in movie theaters with a “silence your phone” courtesy spot urging people to shut off their mobile devices. In a cinema venue where advertising is usually dominated by the likes of entertainment companies or cellphone carriers, the insurance company’s motormouth stood out.

“The big part of our strategy is to find the environment for this creative that may not be expected but still feels organic and ties into the entertainment value for consumers,” explains Christine Lembo, vp, associate managing director, brand strategy at Horizon.

Kimberly Aiello, svp, managing director, brand strategy at Horizon, adds the theater effort took that strategy to a higher level — in Geico’s first major integrated cinema initiative — with the ad providing consumers with a pleasant surprise.

“When we talk about a media plan, it’s not just spots and dots,” Aiello says. “We have to get a message out there, we have to be in all the right areas from a reach and frequency standpoint. But it’s important to be relevant and connect with consumers in an engaging way.”

Read more about Horizon, Geico, Caleb and all of the other 2014 winners in the current issue of Adweek here.



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