Well here’s some cozy news from the international cinema advertising scene… Ikea has launched a new campaign called the “Cinema of Love” in a Moscow shopping mall in collaboration with Kinostar de Lux cinema, replacing the theater seats with beds so that moviegoers could curl up in front of the big screen.

The engaging movie theater takeover promotion, running through December 14, was inspired by the idea of bringing people together. According to RT:

“At the presentation of the new IKEA catalog, we to asked visitors: what should we do to have more love around us. One of the most frequent responses was ‘to spend more time together.’ Thus was born the idea of creating a home environment in a movie theater,” Russian IKEA’s digital-manager Alex Ovechkin told local media.

Here’s hoping that the Russian theater patrons really like the person they went to the movies with that night — or at least, wouldn’t throw them out of bed for eating popcorn!

For more details, check out these articles on the fun stunt in Adweek, RT and Brand Channel, plus some great photos of the stunt from Reuters.


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