With record advance ticket sales, Fifty Shades of Grey is poised to tie up the box office this Valentine’s Day weekend. But it’s not just tickets that are hot — NCM sold out the month of February for the first time ever, with brands lining up to be on the big screen to reach the film’s coveted female audience.

Women were two times more likely than men to say that they are going to see Fifty Shades of Grey in a theater, according to research from Civic Science, and more than half of Millennial women (ages 18-34) said that are planning to head to the movies to catch this film. In fact, of those who said they are very likely to see the movie, 83% are female, 46% are Millennials, 33% have household incomes of over $100,000, and 57% do not have kids.

With those figures in mind, a wide range of advertisers in the US and the UK have planned cinema ad campaigns around Fifty Shades of Grey. Here are a few fun examples running in NCM’s FirstLook:

  • ThinkThin is aiming to reach moviegoers before, during and after the film, incorporating on-screen and in-lobby spots as well as targeted mobile video interstitials and pre-roll online video targeted specifically to NCM moviegoers. The protein bar company also ran a “Zero Shades of Guilt” Contest on Facebook where fans shared their favorite #GuiltyNotGuily story — a story you should feel guilty about but don’t! — for a chance to win a pair of movie tickets.
  • Trojan hopes to not only bring comic relief but also offer real solutions for couples with the brand’s new 50 Shades of Pleasure campaign, featuring a teaser trailer in movie theaters nationwide directing audiences to check out the hilarious full-length video online.
  • European Wax Center (EWC)’s integrated Red Carpet Worthy Eyebrows campaign, emphasizing how women can look red carpet ready everyday through European Wax Center’s experts, was progressively launched to link EWC to both Fifty Shades of Grey and the Oscars.
  • Other brands that are hoping to win over female moviegoers include premium cable channel STARZ, which is running a spot to promote the return of the romantic STARZ Original series Outlander on April 4, and Bare Escentuals makeup.


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