Catching you up on some of our favorite things to come out of Hollywood this week:


Pixar's Inside Out
Pixar’s Inside Out

Unless you’ve been living in the Mesozoic Era, Hollywood has been abuzz with excitement (and awe) this week for Jurassic World’s record-breaking $208.8 M opening weekend.The film surpassed The Avengers for largest opening weekend ever. (Deadline)

The Barden Bellas will sing again as the third installment of Pitch Perfect gets the green light.  Anna Kendrick will be returning alongside Rebel Wilson for the film’s July 2017 debut.  (The Hollywood Reporter)

Ever wonder what your pet does while you leave home for the day?  The first official teaser trailer for The Secret Life of Pets really has you wondering, “does my dog do that?” (Variety)

Last night, rumors that a Princess Diaries 3 was in development made its way around the Internet. But hold onto your tiara, a source close to Disney confirmed this morning that Mia Thermopolis will not be making her big screen return.  (Entertainment Weekly)

Ahh-nold says turn left in 500 feet!  Paramount and Waze, a popular navigation app, announced a three-week partnership in which Waze drivers can choose to have their directions recited by Arnold in his classic Terminator voice as part of a promotion for film Terminator Genisys.  (Adweek)

Enter into a new world where animals with human-like qualities co-exist harmoniously in a bustling metropolis.  Welcome to Zootopia.  Here, we see a newbie bunny officer Judy Hopps trying to prove herself that she handle the job by jumping on a case even if she has to align with fox con artist Nick Wilde. (Trailer Addict)

It’s been the week for adorable animated trailers. Charlie Brown is back to prove he isn’t a blockhead anymore in the first full length trailer for Peanuts. (Vulture)

It comes as no surprise that Pixar’s Inside Out is receiving absolute rave reviews across the board ahead of this weekend’s opening. In fact, it’s even earned the rare 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. All the reviews share another unanimous message for potential moviegoers: bring tissues. (Hello Giggles)

Opening this weekend:  Pixar’s Inside Out and the indie film Dope.


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