Catching you up on some of our favorite things to come out of Hollywood this week:


Terminator Genisys
Terminator Genisys

Director James Gunn accidentally let slip the awesome title for the next Guardians of the Galaxy film – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The title for the film, expected out in May 2017, is in reference to Peter Quill’s can’t-live-without cassette “Awesome Mix Vol. 1.”  (The Wrap)

“Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a sequel.” 29 years after the original Top Gun was released, Top Gun 2 could be making its way to the big screen soon.  (Yahoo! Movies)

Just in time for the release of Magic Mike XXL and the Fourth of July, this hot dog remake of the trailer might have you rethinking your BBQ food of choice this weekend. Skewer Welcome. (Entertainment Weekly)

The trailer for the seventh installment of the Rocky Balboa series Creed follows Apollo Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, who dons the boxing gloves as he trains for his biggest match yet.  Rocky Balboa himself makes an appearance as a mentor to Creed.  (Variety)

Marvel and ESPN are collaborating on short film series, “1 of 1 – Origins,” focusing on real-life superhero athletes.  (The Wrap)

The beloved board game Monopoly is about to be adapted onto the big screen.  (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Maze Runner:  The Scorch Trials trailer received a Minecraft makeover.  (/Film)

Warner Bros. is bringing stars, content and surprises from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Pan to Hall H when during the studio’s Comic Con panel next Saturday.  (Deadline)

It’s no surprise that Jurassic World has held onto #1 at the box office for a few weeks now. Here are some of the surprising films over the past decades that have held onto the top spot for weeks. Uh, Tootsie anyone? (Mashable)

Opening this weekend:  It’s the battle of robots vs. “adult entertainers”:  Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL.


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