Catching you up on some of our favorite things to come out of Hollywood this week:Blog_Header

Z for Zachariah
Z for Zachariah

For 18 hours straight on YouTube starting on 9/3, Disney will livestream YouTube stars ‘unboxing’ all of the new toys tied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Stores will then open at midnight for fans clambering to get the collectibles. (Variety)

This isn’t your typical video game trailer. EA pulled out all of the stops for the release of Madden NFL 16, throwing together one of the wildest but amazing five minute movies we’ve seen. Madden: The Movie features Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, a couple of the NFL’s biggest stars, fiery explosions, ridiculous car chasing, Bollywood dancing, spoofs on almost every action movie ever and even a cameo from Indominus‍‍ Rex. (AdWeek)

Did you know the original Space Jam website from 1996 is still running? A fascinating long read from Rolling Stone about the history of the site and the “ragtag group of young coders [who] skirted the studio and created a pop culture sensation.”

Suicide Squad cast members Jai Courtney and Margot Robbie stopped by 5 year-old Na’ama Uzan’s lemonade stand in Toronto before the film’s wrap party. Na’ama set up shop to raise money for her brother who was diagnosed with the rare Angelman Syndrome.  (Entertainment Weekly)

Vin Diesel is returning to his original action roots as he confirms on his Instagram account that he will return to the xXx franchise in the third installment.  (Deadline)

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are writing a comedy screenplay together where they will star as sisters.  (The Hollywood Reporter)

Things are looking awfully solemn for Katniss Everdeen and Squad 451 in the latest banner image for The Hunger Games – Mockingjay: Part 2. Zoom and explore the entire banner here. (USA Today)

Opening this weekend: the Owen Wilson thriller No Escape, DJ Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends and the Sundance fav Z for Zachariah.


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