Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So, how many of you believe you’ll be heading out to your local theater to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie? If more than half of you didn’t put your hand up, I find your lack of faith disturbing! According to a recent survey of more than 800 US respondents over the age of 16 from CivicScience, 59% of US moviegoers and 64% of US Millennial moviegoers are planning to see the new sci-fi epic. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the fear of missing out has helped drive more than $100 million in domestic pre-sales for The Force Awakens, breaking the record set by The Hunger Games in 2012.

NCM’s own Research Jedi Master, Doug Pulick, senior vice president, Strategic Insight and Analytics, took a look at the stats on Star Wars in an article published in Jack Myers Media Business Report’s MediaBizBloggers, and all signs point to the Force being strong with this one.

While Star Wars attendance estimates might come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the build-up to what is arguably the biggest pop culture event of 2015, what may be overlooked about this projection is the enormity of the audience size and ratings that big movie events like this are generating. And while we’re betting that Star Wars will be the “Super Bowl of cinema” this year, the fact is that Hollywood offers major event programming many times a year, every year.

But aside from how many people Star Wars will deliver in its opening weekend, what’s really fascinating is looking at is who’s being delivered, and we don’t just mean basic demographics like age and gender. Consider these facts:

  • 79% of Converse Shoes fans plan on seeing Star Wars in a theater.
  • 84% of Buffalo Wild Wings frequenters plan on seeing Star Wars in a theater.
  • 79% of Peet’s Coffee fans plan on seeing Star Wars in a theater.
  • 64% of Land Rover fans plan on seeing Star Wars in a theater.
  • 66% of moviegoers believe Yoda could beat Gandalf in a death match.
  • Star Wars fans spend $4,300 annually on the personal care, food, auto & technology combined.

NCM’s increasing ability to glean behavioral or consumption-oriented insights about movie audiences is an exciting new trend in cinema advertising. We now have several new data sources that are key to getting the bigger picture of moviegoers, and the list just keeps growing — from CivicScience to Nielsen, Fandango to Movio, and even NCM’s own Behind The Screens community.

So, will a diverse and highly engaged audience of movie fans really make the premiere of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens a Super Bowl-level event for cinema? Check out Doug’s article at for the full story!


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