During our fifth annual Upfront event today, we unveiled new research from a joint study with Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect and CivicScience about Millennials’ movie-going habits.  Millennials make up the largest frequent movie-going age group, and purchased over 358 million tickets in NCM movie theaters last year!

Good things to know:

  • Millennials are 50% more likely than the general population to say that movies are a passion of theirs.
  • Millennials want to talk about their movie-going experience, and are more likely to be influenced by social media (Facebook and YouTube in particular).
  • 46% of Millennials aim to go to the movies on a film’s opening weekend.
  • The most frequently reported reason for seeing a movie in a theater is that Millennials don’t want to miss out by waiting until a movie is available at home (FOMO!).
  • Exclusive theatrical formats like IMAX and 11.1 surround sound, coupled with luxury amenities like recliner seating and upgraded food options, are key drivers for a generation willing to pay more for a better experience.
  • Millennials are the age group most likely to purchase movie tickets in advance.
  • 86% of Millennials arrive early to the movie theater.

Click here to view the full study, Now Showing: Millennials’ Movie-Going Experience.

Infographic courtesy of Adweek



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