NCM Entertainment Roundup – June 15th

Catching you up on some of our favorite things to come out of Hollywood this week:


Finding Dory


In the first teaser for Disney’s Moana, demigod Maui learns it’ll take a lot more than dancing tattoos to impress the Polynesian princess. (Variety)

Donald Glover is set to join Spider-Man: Homecoming, although his role in the upcoming film still remains a mystery. (Deadline)

Miramax has acquire the U.S. film rights to Kevin Macdonald’s new documentary, Whitney, chronicling the life and career of the late Whitney Houston. The film is the first and only documentary to have officially been authorized by the Whitney Houston Estate. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Two new TV spots for August’s Suicide Squad have arrived, showcasing the team and offering glimpses at what could be the summer’s biggest movie. (Screenrant)

The live-action remake of 1977 Disney film Pete’s Dragon debuted its latest trailer featuring beautiful footage of the Pacific Northwest. (/Film)

This past Saturday marked Speak Like a Whale Day in honor of Dory’s “special” whale abilities. Ellen DeGeneres revealed in a recent interview how Dory (and herself) mastered the language. (Cinema Blend)

Before you go to see Finding Dory in theaters this weekend, here are 25 things you need to know about the anticipated sequel. (Collider)

Popular YouTube channel Darth Bender’s mash-up between Deadpool and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off hilariously replaces Ferris for the Merc with a Mouth for one epic day off.  (Yahoo! Movies)

Don’t mess with Tom Cruise, as seen in the first trailer Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, out in theaters this October. (

More Shrek movies could be heading to theaters soon as NBCUniversal is looking to revive the popular franchise. (Deadline)

Opening this weekend:  Finding Dory and Central Intelligence.

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