Catching you up on some of our favorite things to come out of Comic-Con this week:

ComicCon 2016

Another year, another great Comic-Con!  San Diego was home once again to the premier annual event where fans get an exclusive look at upcoming blockbusters and other great studio content – trailers, panels, star sightings, movie announcements & more.  Here is a recap of Comic-Con 2016:

Trailers & Clips

Cast Interviews & Panels

Movie Announcements

  • Brie Larson is officially announced as Marvel’s new female superhero, Captain Marvel.
  • Luc Benson’s Valerian comic-con footage cause major buzz which includes a surprise appearance from Rihanna as a complex alien.
  • Peter Griffin may soon leave Quahog for the big screen as the Family Guy cast & producers discuss a possible film adaptation.
  • In addition to starring in the soon-to-be Batman solo movie, Ben Affleck will also be the director, as confirmed by Warner Bros.
  • Disney release new details & character analysis of the much anticipated animated film Moana after their Comic-con presentation.

Posters, Logos & Set Shots

Comic-Con Fun


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