If you’re heading out to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tonight, you might just see the first-ever Twitter integration into digital displays in cinema lobbies!

Twitter and Disney have partnered with National CineMedia (NCM) to feature Rogue One trailer assets and fan Tweets on NCM’s Lobby Entertainment Network of screens strategically located near the box office and other high-traffic lobby locations in 57 select movie theaters nationwide.

Many people look to Twitter to discover something new, and a large percentage of Millennial moviegoers go to the theater undecided about what to see. This offered a prime opportunity to bring what people are Tweeting about Rogue One directly to the box office line to connect these moviegoers with other fans, especially since NCM research shows that social media really matters in the movie-going experience of this generation — in fact, 30% of Millennials saw a movie in the last 6 months based on a social media recommendation.

Cliff Marks, President of NCM, noted, “This is a pioneering program to bring Twitter sentiment directly into the box office. We’re excited to be partnering with Twitter and Disney to reimagine what cinema advertising can look like and be on the forefront of digital advances that allow brands and audiences to share the magic of the movies.”

It is yet another effort and fresh new take on Twitter bringing people what’s unfolding through new venues, and it is just the beginning of NCM exploring how cinema advertising can evolve to relate to a whole new generation of moviegoers.

You can read more about it in Adweek, MediaLife and Digital Cinema Report.




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