NCM Local Market Audience Data Now Available in Mediaocean’s DS and OX Spot Buying Platforms With Nielsen’s Cinema Audience Reports

When we announced back in May that National CineMedia (NCM), America’s Movie Network, had partnered with Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the advertising world, to enable agencies to execute convergence buys with NCM’s premium video cinema advertising inventory and Spot TV, that was just “the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” as Humphrey Bogart famously said in the movie Casablanca.

We’re excited to say that NCM local market audience data from Nielsen’s monthly Cinema Audience Reports is now available in two of the most popularly used local Spot Market buying platforms in the U.S. media landscape – Mediaocean’s Spectra DS and OX systems – allowing Spot TV buyers to view NCM’s local audience ratings alongside those of local TV stations in 97 DMAs.

Local Spot TV buyers can now compare and contrast NCM’s local market audience delivery and composition by age and gender with the audiences of local broadcast television stations for a much more thorough and complete evaluation of all of the available audience in their local markets. For those wanting to do an audience “look-back” for trend purposes, Mediaocean will include two calendar years’ worth of historical NCM audience attendance data.

NCM’s SVP of Strategic Insight and Analytics, Doug Pulick, said, “This day has been in the making for well over a year and I have many people to thank at Nielsen, Mediaocean and NCM for bringing it to fruition. The devil is always in the details when it comes to introducing a non-traditional media data set into a more traditional media marketplace. But maybe the most important accomplishment here is that we can assure all the local market buyers who work with Mediaocean’s Spot buying systems that they can confidently plan, buy and post on NCM’s Nielsen-reported audience data the same way they’ve always done it for Spot TV, making it easier to diversify their GRPs to better reach their target audiences.”

With more than $140 billion spent in U.S. spot TV advertising annually, Mediaocean knows that advertisers are always looking for the best options in the local TV and Digital Video Spot marketplace – especially ones like Cinema that offer expanded GRP options and an alternative way of reaching younger, affluent audiences that simply can’t be found with traditional television. Now that NCM’s moviegoers are in the mix, buyers can continue to move one step closer to multiplatform media buying all in one place.

For more details, visit or Mediaocean.

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