The added complexity of our increasingly multi-media and multi-device lives has made it much harder for companies to deliver the experience that we, as potential customers, expect.

It’s been reported that people are now exposed to north of 5,000[1] brand exposures per day. When you think about your daily life, this actually doesn’t seem that far fetched! But of course, all of this sensory bombardment comes at the cost of attention. The simple fact is that people can’t process that many exposures – in fact, only a small percentage of advertisements will actually result in any discernible level of engagement.

With so many media channel and device choices, where are brands likely to get the most in terms of consumer engagement and campaign performance? Well, one place to go is where Hollywood storytellers have been going for years – the movies.

According to a new co-authored report from Nielsen and NCM, Cinema Advertising and the Science of Capturing Consumer Attention, cinema advertising’s “captive” audiences are unique in today’s marketing environment. With movie audiences, you have an arguably more receptive, paying audience in front of a giant, hard-to-ignore screen. With little to distract them from the content being shown on the screen, movie audiences are highly engaged and – as many studies have shown – perform very well against brand awareness and message recall metrics.

Cinema advertising does an exceptional job of winning the attention of consumers in a captive in-theater environment. Moviegoers come away from their experience with the advertisements they’ve seen top-of-mind, building purchase intent. When integrated into a cross-channel marketing campaign, in-theater advertising exponentially builds brand awareness with lifts in categories from the financial to automotive industries. They benefit from cinema’s captive audience and nearly impossible-to-ignore video format. We explore the attitudes and habits of our audience of 700 million moviegoers in our new co-authored report with Nielsen.

Brands need an advertising tool that delivers the sought-after combination of maximum reach and recall with a heightened intent-to-purchase to cut through the marketing clutter. With little to distract them from the content being shown on the screen, movie audiences perform very well against brand awareness and message recall metrics.

According to a recent Nielsen study, when presented with on-screen promotions for TV tune-in campaigns, NCM’s movie audiences recalled TV titles 40% to 68% of the time, and intended to watch these programs as much as 68% of the time. These results demonstrate just how receptive a cinema audience is to the promotions they see.

When you combine this engagement and intent with increased spending power, movie audiences are more likely to convert to paying customers. Moviegoers are twice as likely to be of affluence compared to the general population, as well as four times more likely to have an income of over $250,000. With this level of purchasing power, movie audiences might just be as hard-to-ignore as the big screen!

For more information about NCM’s movie audiences, click here to read and download the full report.

[1] Media Dynamics, Inc.


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