Our last post about Nielsen and National CineMedia’s (NCM) co-authored study, Cinema Advertising and the Science of Capturing Consumer Attention, covered the incredible spending power of movie audiences. And while cinema alone is a very effective way to reach this affluent audience in search of premium brands and experiences, when an advertiser combines television advertising with cinema, it becomes a true winning combination.

In one TV Brand Effect study with NCM, Nielsen analyzed six years (2011 to July 2016) of on-screen advertising and TV data to determine if a combination of cinema and TV advertising impacted brand memorability and likeability metrics for the Financial ad category. Ad memorability improved by 32% when audiences were exposed to both TV and cinema advertisements. Brand memorability doubled, message recall increased 165%, and advertising likeability rose over 162% compared to TV alone (Figure 1).

tv and cinema advertising performance financial category

This analysis was then extended to multiple advertiser verticals to see if the cinema + TV combination worked as well for other ad categories. The study again showed higher ad memorability and likeability scores than TV alone. Brand memorability enjoyed a 69% lift, message recall improved 105% and likeability was up 107% compared to TV alone (Figure 2). This shows that regardless of product category, advertisers can expect improvements in their campaign performance metrics when combining cinema and TV advertising.

tv and cinema advertising performance cross category

For more information about cinema’s impact on brand awareness and message recall, click here to read and download the full report.


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