Noovie ARcade
Noovie ARcade

Game On! Movie Audiences Can Use Their Mobile Phones to Play AR Games During the Noovie Pre-Show in Theaters Nationwide Beginning This Friday

Hold on to your popcorn, because your movie experience just got a whole lot better!  Beginning this Friday, April 27, movie audiences nationwide can play big screen interactive augmented reality (AR) games on their mobile phones by using Noovie ARcade, the revolutionary new companion app for the Noovie pre-show.

Noovie ARcade is available free in the iTunes and Google Play stores from National CineMedia (NCM), America’s Movie Network. The first of its kind, Noovie ARcade gives movie fans the chance to enjoy a gaming experience like no other while waiting for their feature film to start on over 20,800 movie screens in over 1,650 top theaters nationwide, including AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, and 50 other regional and local exhibitors.

To play, audiences only need to download the app and arrive at their local Noovie theater early to catch the Noovie pre-show, which will prompt viewers to open the app and aim their phones at the big screen when it’s time to play. Then, through their mobile phone, the movie theater will transform into a larger-than-life game setting! After the game, audiences can check the leaderboard to see how they rank and share their score with friends.

The Noovie ARcade app will feature a variety of game formats, including shooting, catching, and tossing games. New games will be continuously rolled out starting this summer.

Noovie ARcade Launch Games Include:

  • Cinevaders – A galactic worm hole opens up and aliens pour out to invade the theater. It’s up to the player to use powerful lasers to protect the theater from certain destruction.
  • Emoji Escape – The emojis in your phone have escaped and are wreaking havoc in the theater lobby. Catch them all before they run off with all your favorite concessions.
Noovie ARcade
Noovie ARcade Gameplay

“When we launched our new Noovie pre-show last year, our goal was to enhance the moviegoing experience and give audiences a reason to arrive early to discover what’s next in entertainment,” said Andy England, CEO of National CineMedia (NCM). “Gaming is a favorite activity of movie fans, so we wanted to give them a fun and unique way to interact with Noovie on the big screen through mobile augmented reality while they are waiting for their movie to start.” He added, “But, of course, Noovie will still remind people to silence their cell phones and put them away before the feature presentation!”

“Augmented reality unlocks immersive gaming experiences that are super fun and easy to play, and keep people coming back for more. Our mobile phones are the ultimate game controller and the movie theater auditorium is the ultimate gaming environment,” said Lawrence Snapp, NCM’s Chief Digital Officer & SVP, Corporate Development.

Noovie ARcade game play premiered this week in Las Vegas to an audience of A-lister talent and movie insiders at CinemaCon, the largest and most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry.


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