National CineMedia (NCM) has been the cinema advertising leader since our inception, and today we’re thrilled to announce our biggest innovation yet – we are realigning and improving our Noovie pre-show and will now be offering new on-screen ad inventory after the advertised movie showtime beginning in November in Regal and Cinemark theaters (approximately 55% of our current total network attendance), with plans to introduce this new show format to many of our other NCM network affiliates over the coming months.

Our premium video advertising inventory just got meaningfully more premium and more valuable for our brand partners looking to reach our captive and highly engaged movie audiences!

In our new Noovie show structure, we will now have three segments of national advertising inventory units available:

  • The classic Noovie NOW national advertising segment immediately before the advertised movie showtime, now even closer to the advertised showtime.
  • A new Noovie Showcase segment beginning just after the advertised movie showtime offering several new opportunities with trailer lighting, creating an enhanced lights-down theater environment for ads.
  • A new :60 Platinum Spot unit deeply embedded within the movie trailers – the most prominent video spot in the cinema advertising industry, with trailer lighting and at full trailer volume. We expect this to be some of the most prized inventory in the video advertising marketplace!

In addition to offering new and exciting national ad inventory, this shift in our Noovie show format will make all our regional and local inventory more valuable as it will be shifted closer to advertised showtime.

It will also allow us to offer various national CPM price points to fit a variety of media budgets and gives us the ability to create compelling packages across all three types of national Noovie inventory.

With the 2020 calendar year Upfront marketplace currently underway, and a very strong film slate in the Fourth Quarter starting in November with tent pole sequel films including Frozen 2, Jumanji: The Next Level, and Star Wars IX, The Rise of Skywalker, this is a great time to launch this significant upgrade to our powerful video advertising product!

We look forward to partnering with brands on this exciting new way to connect with our valuable movie audiences beginning on November 1st!




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