Wonder Woman is delayed, but she’s still coming to the big screen!

Let’s talk about the top stories in Hollywood this week!

In a recent piece for the Washington Post, director Christopher Nolan asked Congress to allocate funds to movie theaters during these trying times. Nolan argued the importance of theaters, referring to them as a “vital part of social life” that not only provides entertainment for everyone, but also jobs for many. With the Senate Stimulus Package underway, The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)  is applauding what it will mean for theaters nationwide, saying, “With this agreement, movie theaters can look forward with confidence to re-opening and once again serving their communities when this crisis has passed.” (Washington Post) (Deadline)

Wonder Woman 1984’s director, Patty Jenkins, took to twitter to confirm that, while the release date is shifting, the film will still be released in theaters – not streaming. “We made Wonder Woman 1984 for the big screen and I believe in the power of cinema.” The sequel, which was originally scheduled for a June 5th release, will now hit the big screen on Aug. 14. Wonder Woman follows Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior in the Reagan era as she battles two formidable foes – Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) — while reuniting with her past love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). The cast also includes Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen. To stay up to date with the latest film industry changes, check out Noovie. (ScreenRant)

Movie lovers are becoming extremely creative at home by paying homage to some of their favorite Disney films. One family recreated the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride and spared no details – from the “no flash pictures” voiceover, to the banjo player, to ending it off with a ride down the stairs. Another twitter user recreated the Indiana Jones Adventure ride. Check out the #HomemadeDisney hashtag on Twitter for a few chuckles or maybe get some ideas to create your own! (CinemaBlend)

Movie stars are continuing to do their part by sharing some virtual joy and information on social media with PSAs, songs and more. Check out these examples:

  • Steve Martin gave his followers an instrumental interlude he dubbed “Banjo balm” to hit the sweet spot for his fans.
  • Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart is spending his time reciting Shakespearean sonnets.
  • Robert de Niro is urging New York residents to stay inside with a PSA posted to  New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s YouTube channel; while Ryan Reynolds has taken to Instagram to urge everyone in Canada to stay home.
  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Not right now, if he has anything to say about it…he’s staying away from his connections, and telling everyone to do the same. “Every one of us has someone who is worth staying home for,” he said on Instagram. “Since we’re all connected by various degrees — trust me, I know — we can work together to stay home and keep each other safe and spread the word.”

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