Unhinged Caren Pistorious
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear – Caren Pistorious and Russell Crowe’s thriller Unhinged finally opens in U.S. theaters this Friday!

Let’s talk about the top stories in Hollywood this week!

The big screen is back! AMC, Cinemark, Regal, and many other movie theater circuits across the U.S. are all beginning to reopen their doors and welcome movie audiences back to see great movies like the anniversary re-release of Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Russell Crowe’s Unhinged. It’s been a long intermission, but fans can look forward to many enhanced safety measures and deals to help them get back to the big screen. Initiatives like AMC Safe & Clean, The Cinemark Standard, and Regal‘s extensive new programs all include effective social distancing and reduced auditorium capacities, masks, air filtration systems, cashless transactions, and many sophisticated and enhanced cleaning protocols. AMC is also offering 15-Cent opening day tickets and $5 Bring-back movie tickets, Cinemark is offering $5 Comeback Classics, and Regal is offering $5 Flashback Features series all starting this week as theaters gear up for a big Labor Day weekend and the wide release of Tenet.

Moviegoers will get the chance in select cities to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet early, three days before its Thursday, Sept. 3 opening date. Warner Bros. is offering early access screenings on Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2. Jeff Goldstein, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Domestic Distribution, said, “Warner Bros. is proud to support our partners in exhibition as they reopen their doors. And there could be no better film to welcome audiences back to a true big-screen experience than Tenet.” Tickets go on sale on Friday, August 21. (Deadline, IndieWire)

Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel, will return to AMC locations starting Aug. 20, the first day of theaters reopening. The film, adapted from the Valiant Comics title of the same name, premiered in American theaters on March 13, only to see movie theaters close down in the wake of the novel coronavirus days later. (EW)

Paramount Pictures has set a remake of the classic John Hughes 1987 road trip comedy Planes, Trains & Automobiles as a star vehicle for Will Smith and Kevin Hart. Hart’s Hartbeat Productions and Smith’s Westbrook Studios will produce. The original starred Steve Martin and John Candy as a mismatched duo forced to become bunkmates and traveling partners in a desperate attempt to get home to loved ones for Thanksgiving after their flights are canceled. (Deadline)

Wonder Woman 1984 is not really a sequel according to director Patty Jenkins, and sources say, “It’s a stand-alone film in the same way that Indiana Jones or Bond films are, instead of one continuous story that requires many installments.” Wonder Woman 1984 picks up after the World War I-era events of the first film, flashing ahead to the glorious era of fanny packs and busy malls. Gal Gadot reprises her role as Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince, and Chris Pine, somehow, reprises his role as Steve Trevor. (Vanity Fair)

Hang on to your holy water! There is news that William Friedkin’s 1973 horror classic The Exorcist is being developed for theatrical release in 2021 by the folks at Morgan Creek Productions. The fact that this new movie is being billed as a “reboot” and not a remake implies that it will have a direct narrative connection to the original film, but little else is known at this time. (IndieWire)

Sony’s Camila Cabello Cinderella movie is safely returning to production after the pandemic shutdown across the pond. Cinderella, directed by Kay Cannon, is resuming filming outside of London, with some low-level shooting commencing this week as the production felt safe and organized enough to move ahead. Filming is expected to continue through the end of September. Among those cast members returning for physical production are Cabello as Cinderella, Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice, Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert, Idina Menzel as the Stepmother, and Pierce Brosnan. (Deadline)

While Jurassic World: Dominion shooting is also underway in the U.K., Universal has decided to change the scope of its planned Malta shooting schedule from a first unit crew to a second unit one, following an outbreak of coronavirus across the nation’s islands. The $200 million movie, based at Pinewood Studios near London, started shooting on Feb. 24, but production was shut down two weeks later when the pandemic spread around the world. Production restarted on July 6. (Variety)

Aquaman fans will be delighted to learn that the upcoming highly anticipated sequel will retain much of the original film’s tone, especially its experimentation with the horror genre. Speaking to fans ahead of DC Comics‘ 24-hour virtual event DC FanDome, the franchise’s director James Wan — whose previous work includes SAW and The Conjuring — talked about his fascination with horror films and how he hopes to incorporate elements of the genre into the sequel. ”It takes place in these underwater worlds that can be very scary. Naturally, my love for the horror genre means that I just latch myself to these scenes and try to kind of give them a little bit more of my ‘scary sauce’ on them.” Aquaman 2 is scheduled to release December 16, 2022. (HypeBeast)

Speaking of horror, we’re relieved to report that the infamous Annabelle doll has not in fact escaped from the Warren Occult Museum. Paranormal expert Tony Spera, son-in-law of Ed and Lorraine Warren, known for their research and investigation of paranormal events and hauntings that inspired The Conjuring, put an end to the rumors with a video of showing the real Annabelle, a Raggedy Ann doll thought to be manipulated by a demon, is still safely locked in her case. Whew! (ScreenRant)

Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile, a follow-up to 2017’s hit Murder on the Orient Express, released its first trailer — and everyone’s a suspect. The murder mystery, based on the Agatha Christie novel, picks up with Branagh reprising his role as Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. This time, he’s vacationing aboard a luxurious river cruise when a couple’s honeymoon is suddenly cut short. Along with Branagh, the star-studded cast includes Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Ali Fazal, Sophie Okonedo, Tom Bateman, Emma Mackey, Dawn French, Rose Leslie, Jennifer Saunders and Russell Brand. (Variety)

LeBron James gave the world a first look at his new Tune Squad team uniform for the long-awaited Space Jam sequel, A New Legacy. James is taking over the basketball cartoon franchise reigns from Michael Jordan, who helped Bugs, Daffy, Lola, Porky, and the rest avoid eternal enslavement at the alien theme park known as Moron Mountain. Next to nothing is known about the plot yet, but Space Jam: A New Legacy will take to the court when the film arrives in theaters everywhere July 16, 2021. (SyFy Wire)

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